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I still remember the moment I felt like my existence didn't matter as a kid. The story of "I am not good enough" slowly bled into everything. My body. My relationships. My intelligence. My career. My voice. I felt completely worthless. I tried many paths looking for a solution to this feeling. I tried diet and excessive exercise, thinking if I look perfect, then I will be good enough. This sent me down the path of wanting money and fame, thinking if people know me and I have lots of money, then I will be good enough. It sent me down path of buying new clothes, new cars, getting new tattoos. I had tried everything society told me would make me feel better about myself and it all fell short.

It wasn't until I began life coaching school that I began seeing the effects of my lack of confidence. For instance, I had no girlfriends because I had always believed that if I got too close to someone, she would prove that everything I believed about myself was true. I would discover that she was better than me, cooler than me, and definitely prettier than me. This belief had only hurt me more, causing me to be depressed and isolated, alone and empty.

I used to think self-confidence could be bought or created. Then I learned, it is something that is innate in us. It is something that after years of living gets covered up by our scars and traumas and heartbreaks. I now realize to build confidence in oneself takes a diligence, a slowing down, a willingness to look under the surface and see what is beyond our physical bodies and our desire to ‘look good’. As I write this after years of diligent and dedicated practice, I am filled with deep gratitude  in seeing what my life has become. Now, 90% of my closest friends are amazing, powerful women. I no longer spend my days questioning my worth, comparing myself to others, or isolating myself. I now spend my days living fully and going after what I want. 

Coaching in the realm of confidence is an uncovering of what is already there. It is a reconnection to your truest nature and self. It is a rediscovery of your worth and value. I want to walk hand in hand with you as you follow the path to rediscovering how absolutely worthy and amazing you are.