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This picture pretty much sums up my experience of meditation and mindfulness. It has been the practice that has saved my entire life. It has taught me so much about myself, my patterns, how I operate in the world, and how to remain peaceful no matter what life throws at me. It has offered me grace, compassion, and loving kindness when I wasn't sure I deserved it. If you want to know joy and full aliveness, or how to skillfully navigate upset, heavy emotion, and challenging situations,  THIS IS YOUR PRACTICE. 

You know how the second you meet someone, you know if they are actually present with you, engaged and interested in what you are saying, fully alive? They make you feel seen and heard, loved and understood. Their aliveness is contagious.  Well, this is the embodiment of mindfulness. Meditation and mindfulness are a way of living.

I think many people avoid meditation because of fear that it is going to be hard or they are going to do it wrong or they aren't going to be able to stop their minds. My approach to meditation is to make it accessible, easily understood, and available for anyone to learn and practice. Meditation isn't about doing something 'right' it is about bringing your full attention to everything that you do. It isn't just about sitting on a pillow. It is about walking this earth in such a way that you notice and are fully present with each step, enjoying, feeling, and experiencing the journey. I love to talk about, teach, and embody this way of life. Mindfulness and meditation, as a life practice, is one of the greatest gift I have ever been gifted. It's a gift I want to share with everyone.