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One-on-One Coaching Programs

The Inner Peace Process: A 12 Week One on One Coaching Program

This program is a 12 week intensive. You spend 12 weeks exploring yourself. Reconnecting with your truest nature. Being with and releasing the shame and pain that you keep carrying with you. Remembering the truth about who you are. Then reclaiming your place in the world. As you remember yourself you heal the parts of you that feel incomplete and not enough. Remembering is the path to healing. Remembering is the path to Inner Peace.


One of Kimberly's favorite things is to provide safe space for people to get quiet and sit. Public mediations are usually free and are a place for people to come together to heal themselves and the planet. Meditation is her secret weapon in life. 

Public Speaking:

Kimberly loves to inspire humans to LIVE WHILE THEY ARE ALIVE.

Kimberly is also a blogger, you can find her blog at www.oneyearalone.com 

{ If you find yourself called or moved to know more about what it would look like to work with Kimberly fill out the contact page and she will get back to you within 48 hours. }

Are you wondering if I am your coach and if the Inner Peace Process is for you? 

Are you...

  • Suffering from depression and know that there has to be another way to experience life? 

  • Drowning in the shame around an STD’s, sex, or your sexuality?  Are ready to release shame and to fall in love with every single fucking part of yourself?

  • Lost and confused about who you are and how to recreate yourself and your life after divorce or loss? 

  • Living in self-doubt, self-loathing, or self-hatred and feel sick and tired of living this way and are ready to build a foundation of self love and self confidence that is completely indestructible and unshakeable? 

  • Someone who plays life safe but knows deep in your soul that  you are meant for something bigger in this world and are ready to own that and build the foundation for courage to make the impact you know you are meant to make here? 

Kimberly Johnson 

Life Coach, Spiritual Thought Leader, Writer, & Speaker