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What am I doing here?                                    What is the point?                                   Why is life so hard?

These questions were the constant dialogue in my mind for most of my late teens and early twenties. I didn't get the point. I felt uncomfortable in my body. I felt like I didn't fit in. Everything stressed me out or overwhelmed me. I felt way more comfortable being at home by myself than ever being in a public setting. I had a hard time being motivated to do anything. I would spend days in bed and many nights binge-eating  pounds of raw cookie dough. I had occasional good days, but even then, I lived in fear of my depression returning. 

I still remember the day things began to shift. It was the day I began learning about mindfulness. A shaman woman said these four words to me, "Where are your feet?" When I focused on my feet, the intense sensations and thoughts in my body and mind would lessen. I was won over. These words sent me down a path of studying the functions of the brain and the body, and studying mindfulness. In my search to end my own questioning of life, I found amazing research and practices that have altered my experience of living whenever depression, anxiety, stress, or overwhelm arise. 

Coaching with me around depression and anxiety is a process of learning more about yourself, your body, your emotions, and your mechanism. Most people are at the mercy of their human mechanism. If we feel anxious or depressed, those feelings usually take over and send us into our normal, auto-pilot reactions, such as avoidance, over-eating, social media, drinking, watching TV, or numbing or distracting in other ways. Unless we can see these feelings arising and understand why they are arising, we will always just act in the same patterns.To understand what is happening in your body and brain when you are feeling depressed, anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed gives you agency over those thoughts and feelings. You learn about yourself and are able to witness your human mechanism.  This new clarity and understanding makes space for you to choose something different. You begin to see new options for yourself. Finally, you begin to be more at the control panels of your life, rather than having your emotions be in control.