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I contracted herpes in 2006. At the time, having herpes didn't matter much because I was in a long-term relationship with the man I contracted it from. In 2013 that relationship ended. I was thrown into a whole new world of 'herpes'. I began dating with herpes for the first time, and was confronted by massive shame, anger, and fear. I was fearful I would never have a relationship again. I was fearful I might never have sex again. I was fearful of telling other people about having herpes.

After years of making mistakes, blindly navigating this world alone in silence, I decided NO MORE. I went public with having herpes in 2016, in what I believe to be the best decision of my life. I made a commitment at that time that NO ONE ELSE WILL SUFFER ALONE. Since then, I have been using my voice to coach others who have experienced suffering from their diagnosis with herpes, I have made youtube videos to continue to change the conversation and stigma of herpes, and am currently writing a book about dating with herpes. 

Coaching with me around the topic of herpes is a wild ride of learning self-love and acceptance, discovering how to talk about this highly stigmatized virus, and mostly learning how to make what seems like the 'worst thing to ever happen' into the best thing that has ever happened to you! I do not say this lightly. I deeply believe that herpes is the greatest gift I have received. It has been my greatest teacher, making me more honest, kind, loving, and accepting. It has made me the fierce woman walking this earth that I am today!

Dating With Herpes Workshop

(5 -Part Youtube series)