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As we seek personal mastery, things come up, block us, and get in our way. This is the nature of life. And, ironically, this is exactly what we want to happen. It is easy to be engaged in life and to get things done when everything is going smoothly and we feel inspired. However, how do we show up when things aren’t going our way? When things are messy? When things are a bit turbulent or challenging? Personal mastery is not about making external circumstances perfect. Personal mastery is knowing the depths of oneself and bringing that knowledge to the world while also being with the things that come up in our surroundings. The world will throw us challenges, curve balls, and heart break. The world also throws us opportunities, joys, and beauty. How we interact with both is a sign ​ of our personal  mastery. Kimberly's goal with all clients is that they can be powerfully with whatever arises - calm in the storm, balanced and empowered no matter what is happening. This personal mastery makes it possible for you to do anything you desire in the world because what you do is no longer based on external circumstances or needing constant motivation, validation, or inspiration. It is based on something deeper and more foundational to who you are and why  are here. It is the ability to be who you want and pursue what you want in the face of anything.

Kimberly’s approach to life coaching comes out of 10+ years of studying the brain, mindfulness and meditation, different spiritual theologies, as well as leadership and empowerment. She is trained in life coaching, Reiki, Neuro-Linguistic Programing, leadership development,  mindfulness, and meditation. She has developed a coaching method that brings people to the precipice of their greatest self and life. She walks hand in hand with people through life's greatest challenges toward the most ethical, loving, vibrant, and alive versions of themselves.  

Kimberly loves working with people who are working through or challenged by:

Reclaiming Themselves After Divorce
Living with Herpes or other STI's
Depression, Anxiety, Stress, or Overwhelm 
Building Self-confidence and Self-love
Creating Thriving Relationships 
Mindful Living and Meditation