Kimberly Johnson 

Life Coach, Spiritual Thought Leader, Writer, & Speaker

 About Kimberly and her process..

The Inner Peace Process was born out of Kimberly’s own survival. 

In 2013, after traveling to New York City for a Coaching Conference, Kimberly returned home to the news that her husband had been having an affair and wanted a divorce. On top of losing all that she had created in the last decade of her life she was also faced with the reality that she was now a single adult woman with an STD she had contracted from her ex-husband. The anger, sadness, and shame began drowning her. She avoided feeling by distracting herself and acting out using alcohol, sex, and busyness.  Peace of mind became a faint feeling of the past. She began hating herself and her life. In the depths of her self loathing she attracted a man that abused her like she was abusing herself. In that relationship she began to awaken... awaken to what her life had become. She was isolated, broken, and felt like she was losing her soul. 

She began sharing her experience with her best friend and mother. Everyday calling them and sharing what she was seeing in her relationship and in herself.  As she shared and listened to their advice and offerings of help she knew something had to be different. She knew in that moment that her outer world was a reflection of her inner world. She knew that if she wanted something different then it would be her that would have to change and do the work. Her mantra for her life began to shift drastically. She no longer cared about all of the things she once cared about and in an effort to save herself she began only seeking truth and peace. Her only desire was to wake up and know she was going to be okay and to hopefully one day again experience a feeling she once knew and called inner peace. 

Inner Peace became the umbrella of her life. 

She 100% committed to peace. No matter what. She knew that in saving her own life that she would save others. 

This became her mission. 

Slowly everything began to change. Her life began to feel more in flow, she felt more deeply connected to herself, others, God, and truth. She began to notice that she was fully expressing herself without apology or explanation.  She began to trust herself and what she was capable of. She began to understand at a deep level her worth and value comes from within. She was smiling, laughing, and playing more. 

She had heard before that everything comes from within and nothing comes from without. She slowly began to understand what this actually meant.

To know this is to heal.
To know this is to have peace.
To know this is to love.
To know this is everything.

What she discovered on her journey is that people began to notice the changes in her and that many of the men and women she met desired to have the same freedom she found. The freedom Kimberly experienced was this sense of inner peace. The freedom came from her having the new ability to express herself without fear or shame. The freedom she felt was truly knowing herself and knowing in her heart that this was the one thing NOONE or NO CIRCUMSTANCE in life could take from her. 

As she went deeper and deeper she realized that her beauty, worth, and truth is completely untouchable and unshakable. It is the home with which she now resides. This is the truth and gift she wants to share with the world through coaching. 

Kimberly created a 12 week coaching program she calls The Inner Peace Process. It is a process remembering, reconnecting, and reclaiming of who you truly are.

Through exploration, pure heart, accountability, and spiritual guidance Kimberly helps men and women remember who they are and bring that truth into the world in the way that feels most authentic, genuine, and true for them. This is freedom. This is vitality. This is what it is to be fully alive. This is inner peace.

Give yourself the gift of remembering, reconnecting, and reclaiming who you truly are.