"Literally, Kimberly is AMAZING. 

She has this energy about her that is contagious and inspiring, uplifting and encouraging all at the same time. She understands SO much about humanity and the way the world works, and is primed and ready to listen fully and give you her absolute attention at a moment's notice.

She has helped me in more ways than I can count. I didn't realize the power of my thoughts before meeting her 3 years ago. She has taught me how to become present in the moment. To find my feet. Taught me how to truly trust myself, knowing that everything that happens is in divine order and that there is always a lesson to be found in the pain. 

She's taught me how to be my own best friend. How to go within, and fully "be" with my emotions and to know that it's okay to feel a lot, and that I'll survive, even when it feels chaotic inside. 

Kimberly is someone that I've trusted since DAY ONE. She has the most intense personality (in the best of ways possible), is funny, and radiant, and has the most beautiful heart that is here to serve. You can't go wrong when choosing to work with her. 

She is absolutely wonderful and inspiring and courageous. I'd choose 10-stars if I could...My mentor for life!"

- B Marley 

"Kimberly Allyse Johnson is a radical transformationist. Both in her own life and to those who are lucky enough to know her and work with her. Who she is and the magic she does in this world is a testament to the magnitude of her work. This woman has irrevecoably changed the trajectory of my life and all you need is one conversation with her to know she will do the same for you."

- J Brown

"I met Kimberly several years ago, and she changed my life. Before we knew each other I struggled deeply with depression and shame. I had been addressing My problems through therapy for many years. I often look back and feel amazed that I now feel opposite than I felt in the past. Whenever I discuss this with someone they always ask me what changed to cause this switch, and I always say that I met Kimberly. I learned new perspective and a new way of thinking that allowed me to express myself and work through emotions. Through expression I developed new ways to cope that were not harmful to me but instead propelled me into new growth. If you haven't, check out her podcast! It is thought provoking and will change the way that you go about your day. If you have the chance to work with her through coaching, do it! She offers something truly unique that will change your life."

- C Lykins

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Kimberly is currently under the mentorship of Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach.

Kimberly believes deeply in the human capability of living a life with an open, loving heart. 

Kimberly believes we don't need more people chasing after bigger and better dreams. The world needs more people who are willing to live heart forward. Not afraid to be vulnerable to both the pains and pleasures of this human existence. Kimberly has been studying buddhism for 10+ years. Her life coaching is deeply steeped in buddhist psychology which believes each human has what it takes inside of them to live a life of peace and freedom. 

True peace and freedom isn't having a certain amount of money or status or accomplishments. True freedom is knowing that you are capable of handling whatever life throws at you. Not only being able to handle it but being able to take what life throws at you and use it to evolve into a more conscious, loving human being.

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