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Kimberly Johnson 

What is it costing you

to stay in pain? 

One thing all humans have in common is the desire to live their best life. I believe this a worthy pursuit. To live ones best life does not just affect the person living it but it seeps into the world inspiring, moving, and touching others. To live ones best life is automatically rooted in the best life of others. It is a collective effort to make the world a more ethical, connected, and loving place. To live your best life is the journey to personal mastery.  

Personal mastery is the ability to go within, know yourself, know your values and then through skillful action bring that inner-self and knowing to the outer world. To know the desires of your heart and then purse those things. To know what is best for your mind, body, and soul and then to do those things. It is the ability to listen and to act. It is both being and doing balanced beautiful in the pursuit of creating a life you can look back on and be proud of.


Life coaching is an active exercise in looking honestly at areas of yourself and life that are not working, and then skillfully attending to those areas. It provides a safe space to explore why certain areas do not work, and then offers new tools, support, and accountability to engage with these areas of life in new, more aligned ways. 


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Kimberly Johnson and Dr. Lacey Chittle

Life Coaching ​

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